Welcome to Week 10, everyone. We’re officially halfway through the NFL season, and the only thing we know for certain is that we know nothing at all. Even with the myriad of mixed messages we've received so far this year, we took the liberty to compile our top 10 NFL power rankings for your enjoyment ahead of Week 10.

10. San Francisco 49ers (4-4)

The 49ers — AKA, the only team in our top 10 that hasn’t made it past .500. This team has had a rough go of injuries, but we're crossing our fingers that CMC can be everything this team needs. More specifically, we're hoping CMC is everything the team needs to keep the ball out of Jimmy G's oh-so-very handsome hands. Either way, the defense is solid. Nick Bosa is terrifying. There's potential here, Shanny!

Week 10 FanDuel Odds: Chargers vs. 49ers -7

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9. Cincinnati Bengals (5-4)

I imagine Joe Burrow is missing Ja’Marr Chase as much as we are. However, if Joe Mixon can continue posting numbers (even if it’s not five touchdowns per week), it’s enough to buy in while we wait.

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8. Los Angeles Chargers (5-3)

The Chargers rank No. 8 in our power rankings despite the lack of a healthy wide receiver. Imagine this unit once Keenan Allen and Mike Williams are back in the mix. We'll just be here patiently waiting around the bottom of the top 10 until that time comes.

Week 10 FanDuel Odds: Chargers vs. 49ers -7

7. Tennessee Titans (5-3)

This team could pass zero times per game and still put up wins as long as King Henry is leading the front. How does his 28-year-old frame handle the insane volume of touches? We don't know. We can barely get out of bed without our joints creaking. Henry, however, is on a 17-game pace for 2,149 scrimmage yards and 19 touchdowns. It's casual.

Week 10 FanDuel Odds: Broncos vs. Titans -2.5

6. Minnesota Vikings (7-1)

Is Minnesota good? We literally don't know. Probably not. Maybe though. They have the stars, right??? A win in Buffalo (even against an injured Josh Allen) could finally put this team in the convo of serious contenders to win it all.

Week 10 FanDuel Odds: Vikings vs. Bills -3.5

5. Dallas Cowboys (6-2)

Despite sharing a division with the undefeated Eagles, this team is somehow still in the conversation to possibly take the NFC East. They've got a hell of an upcoming schedule to close out the season, too. Packers, Colts, Texans, Jags, Commanders? This defense is rallying. The offense is, too. The only potential for disaster could be Jerry Jones's obsession with Ezekiel Elliot. That... is kind of a problem.

Week 10 FanDuel Odds: Cowboys -5 vs. Packers

4. Buffalo Bills (6-2)

Yep. We're scared of Josh Allen's elbow injury. Next.

Week 10 FanDuel Odds: Vikings vs. Bills -3.5

3. Baltimore Ravens (6-3)

The Ravens have been kind of a roller coaster this year. We've seen lots of good. We've seen plenty of bad. They've still won four of their last five, however, and are doing it without a healthy receiving corps. Or healthy running backs. If the defense can hold up well enough until the skill position players are near 100%, this team will continue to climb the ranks — though they don't have much further they can climb.

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2. Kansas City Chiefs (6-2)

Can someone explain like I'm five how Patrick Mahomes lost the best wide receiver in the league and seems completely unaffected?

Week 10 FanDuel Odds: Jaguars vs. Chiefs -9.5

1. Philadelphia Eagles (8-0)

Jalen Hurts is our mid-season pick for NFL MVP. This team remains undefeated. How could we have them any lower than No. 1 in the power rankings?

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(Feature photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

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