Week 7 is upon us and only one team remains undefeated. Will they nab the number one spot on this week's super important, very original, unbiased and all-encompassing Power Rankings? Scroll down to find out...

10. Los Angeles Chargers (4-2)

They did it! They won a game by kicking field goals!!! Start printing the banner!!!!! In all seriousness, the fact that LAC won a game on behalf of their kicker and then immediately stated said kicker would miss multiple weeks with a hamstring injury is the most Chargers thing to ever Charger.

Week 7 FanDuel Odds: Chargers -5.5 vs. Seahawks

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9. Cincinnati Bengals (3-3)

Welcome back, Ja'Marr Chase, how we missed you. After a befuddling start by their AFC championship defense, the Bengals have climbed back to .500 behind an offense that is reminding people how dangerous it can be.

Week 7 FanDuel Odds: Bengals -6.5 vs. Falcons

8. New York Giants (5-1)

This is gross. I feel disgusting. What is this team?

Week 7 FanDuel Odds: Giants +3 vs. Jaguars

7. Dallas Cowboys (4-2)

Welcome back, Dak! The Cowboys have proven their defense can win them games. Now, with the offense returning to full health, can they compete with the big boys? A trifecta of the Packers, Vikings and Giants in November will certainly be a tough test.

Week 7 FanDuel Odds: Cowboys -7 vs. Lions

6. Minnesota Vikings (5-1)

A team that is flying under the radar, the Vikings have handled a relatively easy schedule with poise. They are efficient on offense, have spectacular special teams and aren't making mental mistakes. I don't see them leaving the top 10 anytime soon.

FanDuel Over/Under Win Total Odds: Vikings 11.5

5. Tompa Bay Bradyneers (3-3)

Yes, that's a 3-3 team in the top 5. I don't care. The talent here is still better than any other team in the NFC (sans the Eagles) and once they figure it out — and they will — they will be placed right atop their crappy division and onto another long postseason run. The more things change...

Week 7 FanDuel Odds: Buccaneers -10.5 vs. Panthers

4. Baltimore Ravens (3-3)

Before you ask, I don't care. The Ravens are awesome. They have three losses where they've led by 17, 21, and 10 points in the second half. They will figure out how to play a complete game and once they do this team will run away with their division and be fighting for the AFC top seed.

Week 7 FanDuel Odds: Ravens -6.5 vs. Browns

3. Kansas City Chiefs (4-2)

Pat Mahomes fell short in the Week 6 AFC Championship preview vs the Bills but there is no reason to drop this team in the rankings. They are the class of the AFC and will be a factor in the end.

Week 7 FanDuel Odds: Chiefs -2.5 vs. 49ers

2. Buffalo Bills (5-1)

The monkey is off Josh Allen's back, he won a game in Kansas City. Congrats. It wasn't enough to catapult the Bills to the top seed. Sorry, not sorry.

FanDuel Over/Under Win Total Odds: Bills 13.5

1. Philadelphia Eagles (6-0)

Fly Eagles Fly (sorry for the cringe)

FanDuel Over/Under Win Total Odds: Eagles 13.5

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