Happy Father's Day! We're a little late (or early), but honestly, it's never too early to celebrate the dads we all know and love. Why the December celebration? Honestly, we just couldn't wait after another performance from Joe Burrow reminding us all that he is the rightful father Patrick Mahomes & Co.

Let's hand out some dad of the year awards in honor of Joe Burrow being a really great dad.

Young Dad You Would Have Never Guessed Was A Dad Award: Joe Burrow vs. the Chiefs

Sure, Joey B. hasn't yet figured out the key to defeating the NFL's worst franchise, but he has figured out the secret for going toe-to-toe with the league's best! This young cat is 3-0 against Kansas City, including a win in last year's AFC Championship. Who's to argue against that kind of success against the Chiefs, who sit as the winningest NFL team since Burrow was drafted back in 2020?

Most Dependable Father Award: Derrick Henry vs. the Houston Texans' defense

Derrick Henry has had at least 200 scrimmage yards and two touchdowns in each of his last four matchups against the Texans. Seriously. The Texans face this man twice per season and are still shocked as can be when he bulldozes through the defensive line and down the field for a runaway touchdown. What a good and reliable dad!

Most Aggravating Father Award: Marshon Lattimore vs. Mike Evans

There's always that one dad who knows just what to say... to get under your skin and annoy the ever-living sh*t out of you and ensure no interaction is painless. But still... he's your dad. Marshon Lattimore is that dad for Mike Evans. Living rent-free in his head since their rivalry was born back in 2017. You can watch their juiciest fights here.

Never Misses A Game Award: Kyle Shanahan vs. Sean McVay

It took Kyle Shanahan a minute to acclimate to the coaching prowess that is Sean McVay. Once he figured it out, though, it was all over! Shanahan's 49ers have won eight-straight games against McVay's Rams, meaning the last time McVay won against this crew was all the way back in 2018!

The Dad Who Always Outshines You Award: Eli Manning vs. Tom Brady

Tom Brady is like, really good you guys. Did you know he has seven Super Bowl rings? Shame he couldn't make it nine (at least, not yet!)... Eli Manning is the dad that can't just let you enjoy your own accolades. He can't help himself. He needs to outshine you, and he'll have a hella goofy smile when he does.

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