Here's a sentence I never thought I'd say: Kirk Cousins has really set 2022's NFL swag in motion. After an exciting 20-17 win over his former team, the vibes were FLOWING. He ditched his usual plaid button-down in favor of wearing every single one of his teammates' chains on the plane ride home. Shirtless. Dancing. It was a wild time.

The fun didn't stop there, though. Some of the best in the NFL (and NFL media) have been paying homage to the swag-master that is Kirk Cousins. And with that, we decided to break out our very official NFL Swag-O-Meter 2000 and give these guys a swag grade from 0-10.

Kirk Cousins

Swag-O-Meter rating: 10

He's the OG of swag, right? At this point, we say yes. Plane Kirk started a movement.

Patrick Peterson

Swag-o-meter rating: 9

This man helped his team seal a win against the favorites to win Super Bowl LVI with not one, but two interceptions. Chef's kiss.

Taylor Heinicke

Swag-o-meter rating: 7

What can we say? Washington, past and present, is just... full of swag, I guess. Where was Carson Wentz when this was going down? He's not getting that starting job back after this.

Derek Carr

Swag-o-meter rating: N/A

Bryce Young to the Raiders, anyone???

Adam Schefter

Swag-o-meter rating: 10,000

I don't have words. Protect this footage, at any cost.

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