The NFL trade deadline is rapidly approaching, with teams required to make all final trades by November 1 at 4 p.m. ET.

Now, last year's trade deadline was mildly disappointing. The Browns didn't make a move to trade OBJ despite his issues with the team (only to release him later on). The rumor mill had Deshaun Watson potentially moving on the Miami (only to have Tua Tagovailoa go on to absolutely ball. the. f. out. in 2022). The deadline came and went, and the league went largely untouched.

Come on, NFL teams — this year, we want drama. Here are some of the skill players we'd love to see on the move if we could use a magic wand to make it happen ourselves.

Christian McCaffrey to the Dolphins

The 2019 All-Pro is healthier than he's been since his record-breaking 2019 season. And through six weeks, McCaffrey's averaging 112 scrimmage yards per game. Welcome back to relevance, CMC.

There are several teams rumored to be in the mix, but there are some things to consider. First, the offer will need to be decent enough to offset the significant amount of dead cap the Panthers will have by moving on. We're talking "first-round pick" kind of compensation. Luckily, the team I'd like to trade him to has one to spare.

The Dolphins forfeited their own first-round pick earlier this season after the tampering scandal, but they still have a 2023 first in their arsenal from the Trey Lance trade in 2021. Entering Week 7, they have the third-fewest rush yards in the NFL, averaging a meek 3.9 yards per attempt. CMC could be the perfect last piece of the puzzle in building one of the league's best offenses with Tua Tagovailoa, Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle in tow.

David Montgomery to the Ravens

The Ravens could really use some stability in the run game... and it doesn't feel like they're in a spot to get it from J.K. Dobbins just yet. Head coach Jim Harbaugh noted that his knee "tightened up" in their Week 6 contest. And sure, backup Kenyan Drake stepped up when called. However, this run-centric offense needs more. They need someone (healthy) to step up and be that dude.

Now, hear me out. The Ravens are well within a championship window, despite their 3-3 record. David Montgomery is an option that makes perfect sense — for both sides.

Monty is in the final year of his rookie deal and has plenty to prove in search of that second contract. Since he is in the final year of his deal, the Ravens shouldn't have to give up much. Marry that with the talent in backup Khalil Herbert to fill the vacancy, and you've got yourself an excellent trade partner.

Terry McLaurin to the Packers

Let's be clear. I'd love to see the Commanders trade Terry McLaurin to the Packers. I'm not entirely sure that Terry McLaurin wants the Commanders to trade him to the Packers, though. There seems to be an Aaron Rodgers problem — both with his arm and his attitude. But hey, who's to say that a talented receiver like McLaurin couldn't be a cure for Rodgers' never-ending case of the Mondays?

Point blank. McLaurin needs a fresh start. Here's a list of the quarterbacks McLaurin has played with since being drafted in 2019.

— Carson Wentz
— Taylor Heinicke
— Kyle Allen
— Garret Gilbert
— Dwayne Haskins
— Alex Smith
— Case Keenum

Clearly, this hasn't affected him too much, considering he's had at least 900 receiving yards in each of the last three seasons. We just want to see what his ceiling could be in a better offense, with a better quarterback and a better coaching staff. On tape, the sky is the limit for McLaurin. If he stays in Washington, however, "the limit" might just be set by his starting quarterback.

The most beautiful part of this entire fake potential arrangement we've made? McLaurin plays the Packers in Week 7. What a seamless transition.

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