As told by the myriad of Superstar-In-A-Different-Jersey photoshops popping up in your social feeds, it's NFL Trade SZN! Rather than bore you with another article of trades we want to see, lets dive into some potential trades that would ruin a franchise, a fanbase or if we're lucky, both.

1. Chase Claypool to the Packers

Claypool was an absolute STUD his rookie season, but the training wheels have fallen off. He is constantly chided by his coach and fanbase for not putting in a full effort and has wholeheartedly embraced the Diva Receiver mentality without putting up the WR1 stats. Pairing him with the NFL's favorite diva, Aaron Rodgers, would not only sink the offense even farther than it's already sunk, but would severely take away from the development of promising rookie WRs Christian Watson and Romeo Doubs.

FanDuel's Playoff Over/Under Odds: Packers 9.5

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2. OBJ to the Giants

(OK it's not a trade rumor yet, but please don't let this happen)

We get it, it's a homecoming. What a happy ending. Said no one. QB Daniel Jones has thrown for over 200 yards ONCE so far this season. Adding Odell to this roster would only lead us to another Odell Sr. Productions video of Daniel Jones not tossing his son the rock.

FanDuel's Playoff Over/Under Odds: Giants 9.5

3. Mac Jones to the Snyders

The always level-headed Boston media has taken the Bailey Zappe train to unforgivable heights. To say that Zappe deserves the starting job over Mac Jones is not considered asinine in New England but rather a valid argument. WHICH IS CRAZY. If Bill Belichick decided to sell high on last year's first round pick it would be a disaster for the future of the Patriots. Sending Mac to the QB-needy Washington Football Team would also be a disaster for Mac.

FanDuel's Playoff Over/Under Odds: Commanders 6.5

4. D.J. Moore to the Bears

I like D.J. Moore. He seems like a good dude, and is excellent at catching the football. Sending him to catch the football in Chicago is a fate I would not wish on my worst enemy.

FanDuel's Playoff Over/Under Odds: Bears 5.5

5. Melvin Gordon to the Cardinals

When will the Cardinals admit they are not a good football team? Continuing to add frustrated veterans from other teams does not constitute long-term success. This, in addition to the Robbie Anderson trade, would be a win-now move for an organization SO FAR AWAY from win-now mode. Good luck to whomever the new head coach in Arizona will be next year, they will have A LOT of mess to clean up.

FanDuel's Playoff Over/Under Odds: Cardinals 6.5

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