If you could describe Week 9 in a word, what would it be, and why is it CHAOS with a capital CHAOS? Josh Allen lost to the GOAT Zach Wilson. The Lions broke a five-game. losing streak by handing the Aaron Rodgers his first five-game losing streak since 2008. What is going on, universe?

Let’s unpack all of the action from Week 9.

The good

Kirk Cousins swagger

Is swagger the right word? I'm still not sure. But Kirk Cousins has energy that's at least swag-agacent. After a three-point win over his former team, Cousins broke the lockeroom celebratiosn with a, "You like that?!" Then, things got a little wild on the plane home... Enjoy the shirtless Kirk Cousins video you never knew you needed.

Vikings odds to win 12 or more games: -160 | Bet $16 to win $10 profit

Miami Dolphins.

It feels like this team just took a huge step forward in the conversation for Super Bowl LVII. It was a poor defensive showing in Week 9, allowing QB Justin Fields a historic 178 rushing yards. But still, the offense was enough to keep the team afloat. Tua Tagovailoa leads the league in NFL passer rating. Tyreek Hill is on pace for over 2,000 receiving yards. Jaylen Waddle is on pace for 1,500 receiving yards and 11 touchdowns. The run game is rolling. It's all good vibes in the M.I.A.

Dolphins odds to win Super Bowl LVII: +2300 | Bet $10 to win $230 profit

Tom Brady (n), see also: senior citizen, winner of football games

We were all but writing the obit for old Tom here, but just as we're ready to call time-of-death, he shows up. Per NFL Research, Brady became the first player in NFL history on Sunday to surpass 100,000 passing yards (including the post-season). This also marked Brady's 55th career game-winning drive, which officially broke Peyton Manning's previously held record for most in NFL History.

Bucs odds to win Super Bowl LVII: +1900 — 8th best odds among NFL teams!

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The bad & the ugly

Lil Wayne has had enough of Aaron Rodgers' sh#t.

How much would you pay to see Lil Wayne go toe-to-toe with Aaron Rodgers on the Pat McAffe show? Aaron Rodgers led the Packers to their fifth straight loss in Week 9, and noted Packers fan Lil Wayne isn't having it. Read more about his disgust here.

Packers odds for six or fewer wins in 2022 regular season: +135 | Bet $10 to win $13.50

The Panthers are simultaneously really good and really bad at tanking.

The good news is that this team is currently in line for a top-two pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. The bad news is, they could have plenty more top picks if they dismantled their team correctly. Reports indicate that the Panthers received an offer of two first-round picks and a second-rounder for DE Brian Burns. The Packers also reportedly offered a first-round pick for WR DJ Moore, and they held pat. Oh, what could have been...

Panthers odds for the worst regular-season record: +250 | Bet $10 to win $25

Josh Allen suffered an elbow injury.

Allen shrugged it off in his post-game presser, but he has missed time with a UCL injury in his throwing arm before. The Bills are the current favorite to win the Super Bowl at +300 (Bet $10 to win $30). If there is cause for concern related to this elbow injury, however, we could be in for a massive odds shakeup across the board.

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