Get to know Mr. Mayo

Author: Kate MagdziukPublished: 04/28/23
Will Levis
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Meet the 2023 NFL Draft's Mr. Mayo — erm, I mean Kentucky QB Will Levis — who was just drafted by the Tennessee Titans as the No. 33rd overall pick. He's tested the boundaries of what humans should and should not put in their coffee more fervently than anyone, and now, he's officially a pro. Outside of the gross coffee condiments (more on that soon), let's dive further into the Titans' new quarterback.

Will Levis scouting report

  • Position: Quarterback

  • School: Kentucky (Senior)

  • Measurables: 6'3 7/8", 229 lbs.

  • TLDR; Will Levis just has that *look* of an NFL quarterback. He's got size and undoubtedly the strongest arm in the class — one that unlocks the potential for a flourishing deep passing attack, should he have the weapons to possibly execute it. An underrated aspect of his game? THE RUN!

    His biggest flaw, and what has made him so polarizing as a prospect, is his lack of accuracy. In recent years, we've seen some quarterbacks (cough, Josh Allen, cough) make huge strides there, so some will be inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt. After all, his supporting cast at Kentucky wasn't great. However, we do need to remember, Josh Allen's career development from an inaccurate hot mess to perennial MVP candidate is the exception — not the rule.

Will Levis highlights that will make you drool

3 facts you probably didn't know about Will Levis

How Will Levis fits in with the Titans

Second time's a charm, hopefully? The Titans' attempt last attempt at drafting a quarterback (Malik Willis) didn't go particularly well, but they get another shot at a guy who somehow fell down draft boards despite his physical skillset. They'll need to continue to assemble an offense around him if he's going to look to improve his inconsistencies as a passer, but overall, this feels like great value.

Pick grade: A+++

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