Tennessee fans, we would like to personally apologize for enacting the newsletter curse on you. Last week, we put in writing that Derrick Henry was on his way to MVP. Well, as it turns out, the only place he was headed to was the hospital. *stifles back sobs* 

Henry was as much of a superhuman as normal, playing on a fractured foot the majority of Sunday’s game after exiting briefly in the first quarter following the Titans’ second offensive drive. 

The good news? Tennessee went on to win the matchup against AFC rival Indy, and now owns a three-game lead in the AFC South and the conference’s No. 1 seed.

Also good news? The timetable for Henry’s return (6-10 weeks) means he could come back for the postseason. A rested King for the playoffs – yikes. But first, the Titans have to make it there.

So just how tough is their road ahead without their MVP-worthy (yes, he’s still a winner in our hearts) RB:

  • First, they have to hope Adrian Peterson doesn’t look like a great grandpa on the field

  • Next, they’ll need to avoid the grasp of Von Miller – plus, Aaron Donald, plus Jalen Ramsey (good luck) — and the Rams on Sunday Night Football

  • But then things let up. Just three of the Titans’ nine remaining contests have opponents with winning records (including the Rams & the QB-less Saints after Jameis Winston’s ACL tear)

  • Four games feature one-win teams, including three division games (Texans twice & Jaguars)

Some more tips:

  • Smile because at least your defense can stop the other team’s rush (the Titans are top-10, allowing 100.8 yards per game)

  • Make sure Ryan Tannehill’s arm is in premiere throwing form

  • Give your RBs more durable shoes

  • Wish on a shooting star

Okay, okay, we’re just being dramatic. Tennessee is still -1600 to win the AFC South (bet $100 → $16). That miiiight be less about the Titans and more about their competition. The average winning percentage of Titans’ remaining schedule: .400. Can you say smooth sailing??


It would take a MAJOR catastrophic disaster for Tannehill & Co. to miss the playoffs. While you can never say never – especially in the NFL – we see Tennessee competing in the

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