We already knew the Patriots didn’t fight fair. 

The newest drama out of New England’s camp is QB Mac Jones’ “dirty play” on Panthers defensive end Brian Burns in the first quarter of the Pats’ 24-6 victory over Carolina on Sunday. 

Burns posted a big-time sack on Jones, forcing the rookie to fumble. Then Jones channeled his own inner tackling demon and snatched Burns’ ankle, twisting and forcing him to the ground – because if he doesn’t get the ball, nobody does? 

Burns hobbled off the field to the trainer’s tent, missing a series before returning to action. He hasn’t practiced all week due to injury, and now we’ve got ourselves another NE scandal on our hands. Might we call it Anklegate? No? Too much? It came to no one’s surprise that the Pats have an air-tight excuse and the league hasn’t responded with punishment

“After I got hit pretty hard, I didn’t really know exactly what was going on,” Jones said on WEEI’s ‘Merloni & Fauria’ radio show. “I thought he had the ball. It was my job to try and make the tackle. … It was a bang-bang play. I didn’t mean to hurt anybody or anything like that.” 

Pass rushers everywhere, beware… but fear not, for we have a guide for how to protect yourself:

  • Stay on top of Jones, laying across him like a beached whale, but be sneaky about it, the refs are calling everything these days

  • If you must get up, be nimble and quick like ninja

  • Call for security if you feel Jones’ hands on you

  • If all else fails, wear ankle guards

 We’d tell Myles Garrett to watch out this week, but who are we kidding?

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