If you saw the post we wrote about the three Super Bowl matchups we wanted to see, respectfully, no you didn’t  With those games not possible anymore, let’s talk about the four that are, ranked by how likely they are to happen.

1. Chiefs vs. Rams +100 (bet $100 –> $100)

The lack of confidence in first-time playoff QB Joe Burrow and “Oh God What Is That Throw?” QB Jimmy G is apparent at the sportsbook with KC vs. L.A. holding the highest odds. What a silly sport football is considering how deranged a Chiefs-Rams Super Bowl outcome would’ve been in October. At that point we had KC’s obituary written and Odell Beckham was a Brown. Now, this is what’s expected. Bonus bet: You can go a step further predicting the winner of this specific matchup. Odds for the Chiefs beating the Rams in the Super Bowl are set at +250. L.A. over KC is +350.

2. Chiefs vs. 49ers +227 (bet $100 → $227)

The most likely conference championship upset is the 49ers over the Rams (Sorry, Cincy). Chiefs-Niners would be a battle of one of the best quarterbacks in the world against another QB that lives in this world. Seeing Deebo Samuel and Travis Kelce put on a show could be fun, though!Bonus bet: You can bet that KC is going to beat San Francisco in the Super Bowl at +400. The 49ers beating the Chiefs is set at +650.

3. Bengals vs. Rams +475 (bet $100 → $475)

Let’s get a little weirder. Let’s watch two dudes who’d never won a playoff game go for a Super Bowl! The Rams winning in front of a (maybe) home crowd would be a great time! Or seeing the freaking Bengals win for the first time in franchise history!? This is a can’t-lose matchup for us, the fans, trying to have a good time.Bonus bet: You can bet that L.A. will beat Cincy in the Super Bowl at +900. The Bengals beating the Rams is a longer shot at +1400.

4. Bengals vs. 49ers +843 (bet 100 → $843)

Bengals-Niners? The heck is this? This is a real possibility? We sure?Bonus bet: You can bet that the 49ers will beat the Bengals in the Super Bowl at +1400. Cincy beating San Francisco is the longest shot available at +2000.


There’s little value in betting both favorites here. Instead, consider the fun in picking what isn’t expected. It’s worth noting the Niners have already beaten the Rams twice this season, though L.A.’s made upgrades since.

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Ranking the 4 possible Super Bowl matchups by how likely they are to happen

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