There are approximately one million things you can bet on for Super Bowl 57, but today we are focusing on one of the most crucial: what song with Rihanna open her halftime performance with? There are actual odds on this!

I polled some of the Gaming Society staff for their picks, here is what everyone came up with:

Don't Stop The Music (+100)

Who's in on it: Tony Cavallo

Why I think it could hit: I just put this song on to listen to before writing this section, and now I can’t stop dancing! This song has it all: great beat, recognizable first notes, long intro (good for moving into formation or to a different part of the stage), and all-around immaculate vibes. It’s a fan favorite for a reason.

Why it won’t hit: I am struggling to think of a reason! Maybe she will want to save a heavy hitter like this for the end; it’s sort of a fun play on words to sing “please don’t stop the music” as the last line of a concert– very meta.

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This Is What You Came For (+600)

Who's in on it: Ciara Mountains (Social Media Producer), Kate Magdziuk (Senior Content Creator)

Why I think it could hit: Baby, this IS what I came for! Some people claim to be watching the Super Bowl for football, but Rihanna knows why we are really here. The song is upbeat, has a perfect opening line, and is light on lyrics/heavy on the beat, perfect for quickly transitioning into the next song in the set.

Why it won’t hit: The song is a collaboration with Calvin Harris, and I’m not a lawyer so I don’t know what the usage rights are there– would they have to bring Calvin out on stage? I would be super into that, but it seems unlikely. Also, there was the whole 2016 “these are Taylor Swift’s vocals” debacle, so I could see her avoiding the song completely.

Diamonds (+600)

Who's in on it: Nolan Megna (Senior Social Media Producer), Dylan MacNamara (Lead Content Strategist)

Why I think it could hit: Picture this — the stadium is dark (is it going to be dark? Let’s pretend yes). From the darkness, we are hit with a single piano note and the words “shine bright like a diamond.” Suddenly, fifty of those little light drones the NFL loves so much come together in the sky to form a dazzling diamond shape. You’re crying, your dad is crying, and the country is united. 

Why it won’t hit: This is Rihanna’s big public comeback moment, and I could see her wanting to start off with a little more energy. Diamonds feels more like a midpoint song, perhaps paired with Stay before finishing the show off with a bang.

Umbrella (+500)

Who's in on it: Jaymee Messler (Co-Founder, CEO)

Why I think it could hit: Is there a more iconic Rihanna song than Umbrella? Rumors have been flying around about who might join RiRi on stage, and Jay-Z is currently -160 to perform. The bridge that begins “you can run into my arms” and finishes with a held note feels like a delicious transition point between songs that allows Rihanna to flex her vocals while her dancers change costumes or whatever else they need to do.

Why it won’t hit: The initial vocals of the song come from Jay-Z, and if he doesn’t end up performing, I don't know if the opening of the song is recognizable enough on its own to open a show like this. 

All of the Lights (Odds N/A)

Who's in on it: Matt Ellentuck (Head of Editorial)

Why I think it could hit: Consider the following lyrics: Turn up the lights in here baby/Extra bright I want y’all to see this. What brighter lights are there than those shining on the Super Bowl? Exactly. It’s almost too perfect….

Why it won’t hit: Because this is a Kanye West song that Rihanna is featured on and if the NFL has one iota of sense, they will stay far away from it. She would only be able to sing her portion, of course, so maybe it could come as a throw-in toward the middle of the set. 

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