Tom Brady = Fountain of youth. Russell Wilson = Fountain of cringe.

We've done the research. We've run the analytics. After hours of processing, our cringe-o-meter has cranked out the top-five cringiest moments from Wilson for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

5. Russ doing high knees while his teammates sleep on the plane

Russell Wilson has always been one to grind, but this takes it to a whole new level. Beat reporter Zac Stevens reported on the team's trip to London: "[Wilson] said he was doing high knees in the aisle when the rest of the guys were asleep." Cue the annoyance of teammates!

Twitter had a lot of fun with this one.

4. "Let's ride"

Broncos fans wish they were riding with any other QB in the league right now TBH. The saying itself was cringe enough without the team leaking the raw footage from the shoot.

3. Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman don't have his phone number.

Two of Wilson's former teammates were chatting on a podcast, and it came out that he keeps his phone number on lock. The only way to reach DangerRuss? Through his manager. Weird with a capital W.

2. Mr. Unlimited

How much cringe does Russell Wilson have left in the tank? "Unliiiiiiiiimited!"

1. The introduction of the DangerWich

Watch it here. Warning: you might die of second-hand embarrassment watching this video as Russ gives off serious "hide your kids, hide your wife" vibes.

The only thing worse than this commercial was the Broncos' decision to hand Wilson a five-year, $242 million dollar contract.

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