Note: Odds are current as of Sunday, February 12 at 9 a.m. ET. Fluctuation of odds may occur before Super Bowl LVII kickoff at 6:30 p.m. ET.

Welcome to Super Bowl weekend, everybody!! Buckle up, because this day is the Super Bowl of sports betting. There's a LOT on the menu of betting possibilities — so let's jump straight to it. Here are some of my favorite bets to place on the Chiefs-Eagles showdown that is Super Bowl 57.

Super Bowl LVII: The usual bets

Chiefs moneyline (+100)

You win if: The Chiefs win! It's a win-win! Yay. Bet $100 to win $100 profit if the Chiefs win, and take home a total of $200.

Why you should bet it: The outcome of this game feels like a literal coin toss (Did you know you can actually bet on the outcome of the coin toss in the Super Bowl? Yeah, weird!). That being said, I still find it really, really, really difficult to ever bet against Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid.

Together, they've gone to three of the last four Super Bowls. Since 2018, they are the winningest QB-coach duo in the NFL. Mahomes isn't even used to being an underdog, period. He's been projected to lose just 11 times over his 105 career starts... and won eight of those underdog matchups. Never root against Mahomes!

Travis Kelce to score 2+ TDs (+460)

You win if: Travis Kelce scores two or more touchdowns! As a reminder, passing touchdowns don't count toward these totals. Bet $100 to make a $480 profit and take home $580.

Why you should bet it: For what it's worth, FanDuel Sportsbook has odds for any player to score two+ touchdowns installed at -185... meaning it's favored to happen. The odds favorite to score two touchdowns? Travis Kelce at +480.

Mahomes and Kelce have combined for 13 postseason touchdowns in their careers — the second-most of any QB-skill player duo in postseason history. They have a chance to tie the record (15, held by Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski) this weekend, with all of us knowing full well that when a play breaks down (maybe courtesy of a Haason Reddick pass rush?), Kelce is the one he looks to.

I know 2+ touchdowns are unlikely, but if he pulls it off (which would mark the fourth time this season, mind you), I wouldn’t at all be surprised.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire anytime TD (+900)

You win if: Clyde Edwards-Helaire scores a touchdown, at any point in the game. Bet $100 to make a $900 profit and take home $1,000.

Why it might hit: I know everyone is straight-up DONE with Clyde Edwards-Helaire after he burned us in fantasy football leagues. I, too, am still recovering. However, he was just activated from injured reserve this week and is set to play. Andy Reid has said himself, "In this game, there's somebody that hasn't been mentioned that's going to step up."

I'm just here to say MAYBE that is a hint toward a designed set of plays for CEH. He's no Isiah Pacheco, but he's still pretty darn good. After all, through the first six weeks of the season, he was on a 17-game pace to score 14 total touchdowns!

Now, let's get crazy

Here, we'll bet on some things we can't typically bet on. Fun bets, here we come.

Patrick Mahomes to have 1+ pass TDs in each half (-115)

You win if: Patrick Mahomes has 1 or more passing touchdowns in each half of the Super Bowl. Bet $115 to win $100 in profit for a take-home total of $215 if it cashes.

Why you should bet it: Patrick Mahomes has played 34 halves of football this year. He's thrown a passing touchdown in all but 7 of them. The odds for Mahomes to have more than two touchdowns in this game are -205 (AKA — he's heavily favored to throw two or more touchdowns). We just need him to spread them out a little.

Number of players to attempt a pass OVER 2.5 (+154)

You win if: 3 (or more) players attempt a pass. Bet $100 to win $154 profit to take home a total of $254 if it cashes.

Why it could happen: We already know that Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts will attempt a pass, so there are two right off the bat. Check, check. Will there be a third? Who knows. What we do know is that one of Philly's most notorious plays ever — the Philly special — was a trick play, where TE Trey Burton threw a TD to QB Nick Foles in Super Bowl. Do they try to replicate the magic this weekend?

We also know that Andy Reid is a bit of a trickster. Remember this?

There have been five pass attempts by non-quarterbacks in a Super Bowl over the last six years. Let's make it a sixth!

DeVonta Smith 25+ receiving yards in each half (+150)

You win if: DeVonta Smith has 25 or more receiving yards in each half of the Super Bowl! Bet $100 to win $150 profit to take home a total of $250.

Why it might hit: DeVonta Smith has played 22 halves of football since Week 10. He’s eclipsed 25 receiving yards in 13 of them. Pair that with the fact that the Chiefs rank 14th in receiving yards per game allowed to the wide receiver position. Smith is a very good wide receiver. If I'd be willing to bet that he'll have 64 or more receiving yards (I am), I’ll take this prop too, knowing his potential for big plays. Since Week 10, he’s tied for the third-most receptions of 20+ yards (including postseason) among all wideouts. If we can nab a couple of those big plays, we’re golden!

Will both teams lead in the second half: Yes (+138)

You win if: There is a lead change at any point in the second half of the game. Bet $100 to win $138 profit to take home a total of $238.

Why it might hit: The over/under (aka, point total) is set relatively high for this game at 50.5 points. The point spread for this game is relatively low at 1.5 points (meaning the game is predicted to be a close one!). It stands to reason that there will be plenty of back and forth in this one, no? Both of these teams are capable of playing down to the wire, and even if they get off to a slow start following their bye week, I'm confident we'll see scoring (and hopefully some lead changes to keep things spicy) in the second half.

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