ESPN keeps a running list of the best pregame fashion around the NFL every week. We've decided to flip that list on its head.

A player's pregame fit can tell us about his personality, mood, confidence level, and more in any given week... But can it help us predict who will win the Super Bowl?

If it can, who's winning based on their Week 11 pregame fits? We discuss.

New York Jets

Sauce is... drippin'. Just as Sauce does. Now, this isn't the flashiest of all outfits, but I'm loving the attitude. The underdog mentality so perfectly embodies where the Jets are at in their team build. Does anyone really believe the Jets can win another Super Bowl any time soon? No. But they are building a championship defense while growing some absolute young studs on offense. The only exception might be their quarterback. Sorry, Zach.

Jets odds to win Super Bowl LVII based on the fit: +2000 (Bet $10 to win $200)

Odds to win based on the fit, if they benched Zach Wilson: +1000

Actual odds to win the Super Bowl: +10000

Green Bay Packers

This crew was hunting for a win... and it was a fruitless outing. 0/10 on the pregame outfits. 0/10 on the Packers 2022 season. Would not recommend to a friend.

Packers odds to win based on the fit +10000000000 (Bet $10 to win 1,000,000,000 profit — AKA, NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!)

Actual odds to win the Super Bowl: +13000

Cincinnati Bengals

Joe Burrow stepped into Week 11 with a reference to everyone's favorite mockumentary, The Office! The infamous sitcom is set in Scranton, PA. Did Burrow give a nod to that in celebration of the game he was about to play in Pennsylvania? Maybe. Sure, he was playing in Pittsburgh. But Scranton doesn't have a professional football team, and the Bengals don't play the Eagles this year. We have to take these opportunities when we can, folks.

Bengals odds to win based on the fit: +100

Actual odds to win the Super Bowl: +2500

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys rolled up to Minnesota feeling some type of way — Micah Parsons, especially. This man showed up into the 8-1 Vikings stadium FULLY DECKED OUT IN THEIR HOME COLOR PURPLE. Give this man the keys to the stadium. He owns it now.

Cowboys odds to win based on the 'fit: +100

Actual odds to win the Super Bowl: +1000

San Francisco 49ers

49ers TE George Kittle is a huge wrestling fan. This week, as the team traveled to Mexico, Kittle entered the building in a mask only wrestling fans could appreciate. While there, Kittle got to connect with wrestler Penta El Zero Mieda, of whom he's a big fan, and was gifted his own mask. We're all in our feels.

49ers odds to win based on the fit: +300

Actual odds to win the Super Bowl: +700

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