HBO’s stunning sports docu-series Hard Knocks returned on Tuesday, marking the unofficial start to football season. This year, Liev Schreiber’s dulcet tones navigate our way through training camp with the Detroit Lions. Vegas has the Lions win total set at a paltry 6.5 wins for 2022, but that does not mean we should be any less hyped for their preseason journey. 

Gaming Society’s TikTok had a breakdown of the premiere episode’s greatest moments in case you missed out, but let’s dive deeper into the Motor City kitties primetime debut. 

Dan Campbell gets the juices flowing

The head coach’s opening speech had some interesting one-liners, but it was the metaphor about the ocean that has us ready to tackle our television sets. Telling the team you need to grab your opponent, drag them into the deep abyss and drown them? Now that’s a football coach.

Campbell then joined the defense in some up-downs, jacked up wrist and all, making it known that this man will not ask anything of his players that he is not willing to do himself. He leads a coaching staff of former NFL vets with 80 years of playing experience between them, and the competitive fire still burns. Running backs coach Duce Staley and defensive backs coach Aaron Glenn were hilariously at each other’s throats during 11-on-11 drills. Get the popcorn. 

Jamaal Williams, team leader

Since arriving in free agency from the division rival Green Bay Packers (we still miss you Jamaal), Williams has made a name for himself by simply being his joyous self. Yet during an end of practice huddle, we saw the true dawg come out. Williams demanded his teammates give it their all and make improvements based on last season’s results. You can see how much this team and this moment means to the running back, and how much his teammates respect and admire him.  

Everyone loves Billie Jean

Aidan Hutchinson was the first rookie we saw do the traditional embarrassing conference room concert and boy oh boy did he not let us down. Starting with an awkward backup track? Check. Messing up the words? Double check. Getting your whole team to sing the chorus along with you as you bring the house down?!? CHECK!

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