Started From The Bottom 

At 1-7, the season seemed lost for the Dolphins. Xavien Howard started it off with a contract dispute, Brian Flores was on the dreaded head coach hot-seat, and after two years of injury-riddled play, Tua Tagovailoa was heavily rumored to be traded away. The team was in Dire Straits leaving owner Stephen Ross worried that he’d spent his Money for Nothing. Yes, that last line was written for our readers who lived through the 80s.

However, just like the eggnog left in the fridge from last year’s holiday party, the season turned. Miami rattled off five straight wins with their defense allowing a mere 11 points per game. In comparison, the Jets are allowing 15.2 points per HALF. There was no reason to bring Gang Green into this conversation, I just enjoy piling on.

Anyway, back to South Beach!

Now We’re Here 

This remarkable winning streak has catapulted the Fins into playoff consideration. At 6-7, they stand a game out of a wild card spot with four remaining. Congrats Dol-fans, you’ve made it on the ‘In The Hunt’ graphic. That’s how chaotic this NFL postseason race is considering each conference has 13 teams within one game of a playoff berth.The Dolphins might really do this. Their finals games are:

  • Home vs. Jets – Want to read 3,000+ words on why the Jets are bad?

  • Away vs. Saints – Recently ended a five-game losing streak by beating the *checks notes* Jets…

  • Away vs. Titans – Still without Derrick Henry and likely A.J. Brown, not easy but not impossible

  • Home vs. Patriots – Solid chance this game is meaningless for New England and Brian Hoyer gets the start over a resting Mac Jones

While it’s not entirely believable for this Dolphins team to contend in the postseason (2-4 against teams currently in the playoffs), it is absolutely possible for them to make a run to get there. Led by an aggressive man-cover defense that blitzed Lamar Jackson into oblivion and captained by a young QB who has mastered a quick-hitting offense reliant on the RPO, this team is more than capable of finishing the season on a remarkable eight-game winning streak. From 1-7 to the playoffs is somehow achievable in the 2021-22 NFL season.

The Takeaway

You need a doctorate to figure out the multitude of playoff possibilities that could unfold before this season comes to an end (and if you value your free time, do not click this link), but common sense will tell you that the Dolphins stand a real chance of sneaking into the Wild Card before it’s all said and done. A bet on Miami to make the playoffs is priced at a cool +750 (bet $100 → $750). Might be time for the sportsbook to say hello to my little wager.

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