This Saturday, March 4, Super Bowl-winning Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce will make his Saturday Night Live debut. Athletes hosting the show have been somewhat of a mixed bag over the years, from the highs of Peyton Manning’s United Way parody commercial to the lows of more or less everything Michael Phelps did as host. 

You can watch the NFL's best tight end make his SNL debut at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC (or Peacock, for you live-streamers). Now, onto our very (not) official Travis Kelce SNL predictions and the (very fake) odds that they'll happen.

Travis Kelce will appear in a sketch as an athlete in a sport other than football: -200 (Bet $200 to win $100 profit — AKA IT'S REALLY LIKELY!)

This is just another general trope SNL has done with athletes in the past that I’ve noticed. The most notable example was the Peyton Manning high school basketball locker room sketch where he danced very booty-ly. If Travis recreated this exact sketch during his SNL appearance, you could hit two of these made-up prop bets right away!

Travis Kelce appears as a contestant on a dating show: -300 (Bet $300 to win $100 profit — AKA IT'S REALLY, REALLY LIKELY!)

A lot of factors point towards this premise being used during the show. For starters, Travis is a tall, attractive, single dude and he also literally had his own dating show called Catching Kelce. My hope if they do go this direction is to put a spin on it by making Travis notably hideous and unappealing. 

Travis Kelce dances at some point: -2000 (Bet $2,000 to win $100 profit — AKA, IT IS BASICALLY 100% CERTAINLY, TOTALLY HAPPENING)

I would say this is basically your lock of locks for this episode. There are frankly just too many readily available Travis Kelce dance compilations on YouTube for the writers at SNL not to include it in at least one sketch. Hoping they get creative with it, maybe revise Will Ferrell and Cheri Oteri’s bit with the Spartan cheerleaders?

Travis Kelce’s brother Jason and his mom make a cameo in a sketch: +100 (Bet $100 to win $100 profit — AKA, this is a coinflip)

I’m going to place this one at a coinflip, only because getting a cameo in a sketch as a non-host/non-former cast member is a pretty high bar. If this was just a prop bet for being shouted out in the monologue, the odds would plummet to -500.

Momma Kelce made quite a name for herself during Super Bowl week, so it would be a shocker if she wasn’t involved in some capacity. 

Patrick Mahomes makes a cameo appearance as Kermit the Frog: +500 (Bet $100 to win $500 profit — AKA it probably won't happen but we really want it to happen anyway)

This is fairly specific, but it seems like almost too much of a layup not to go after. I love the value. A muppets sketch featuring various members of the Chiefs would objectively bang, and if Mahomes — who has openly said he’s cool with the Kermit jokes — made this cameo, it would be an easy episode highlight. Would recommend parlaying this fake prop with Andy Reid making an appearance as Miss Piggy.

He’ll Do A Great Job: -500 (Bet $500 to win $100 profit — AKA, its happening because Travis Kelce is amazing)

I think this is close to a lock. Travis is very charming, charismatic, and he doesn’t take himself that seriously. He also really hates the mayor of Cincinnati specifically which is very funny. I think he’ll be a perfect character for the writers to work with, and he won’t be afraid to send for the sake of a laugh. At the very least, I must re-iterate, there’s no way he can be worse than Michael Phelps.

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