The longest NFL season ever is in the books, and the City of Los Angeles has barely come down from their championship parade high.Now, with several big-name retirements, notable free agents, and high-profile players on the trading block, let’s take a look at some WAY too early futures odds:

Teams in rebuild mode

  • Jets (+15000, bet $100 → win $15,000) & Giants (+8500) … (sorry, NY fans)

  • Texans (+18000) & Jaguars (+12000) yikes 

  • Lions (+10000) … OK, maybe?

  • Falcons (+6000) & Vikings (+3300) … so many questions

  • Commanders (+4000) … you lost us at the name change

After a tumultuous 2021 season there’s little wagering value on these teams. But, we bet there will be serious entertainment value.

Teams whose odds will drastically change if they find a new QB

  • Panthers (+4000) … Sam Darnold?

  • Saints (+3400) … Jameis Winston goes marching out?

  • Seahawks (+3300) … got any inside info for us, Ciara?

  • Buccaneers (+2600) … bye bye Tompa (?)

  • Cardinals (+2400) … Kyler Murray?

  • Browns (+2400) … another round of Baker Mayfield?

  • Packers (+1300) … Aaron Rodgers gone?

  • Broncos (+2200) … Aaron Rodgers incoming?

  • Colts (+2200) … Carson Wentz?  Oof, that’s a lot to think about.

Contenders to watch

  • Bills (+700) & Chiefs (+750) … in the coaches and QBs we trust 

  • Chargers (+2400) … young talent is coming

  • Patriots (+2800) … Billy the GOAT

While some of those teams are worth a look, we’re eyeing the Bears (+7000) & Raiders (+5000)

How about our reigning Super Bowl Champions and the runner-up?

DT Aaron Donald could retire and though Sean McVay, the youngest coach to win a Super Bowl (36), was rumored to maybe join him, his fiance certainly thinks otherwise.It was no secret that the Rams went Super Bowl or bust last season, and well, it cashed. But with important free agents maybe headed out of town (Von MillerOBJ and Sony Michel) it might be slightly tougher to run it back. Their odds sit at +1100, The Bengals are close behind at +1200.

Tip of the day

The Rams owned the sixth-highest odds to win the Super Bowl last offseason while the Bengals posted the fourth-longest odds (+8000) to win Super Bowl LVI. Basically, no one knows anything! But if you want to throw a dart at the wall, consider siding with Denver on account of the Rodgers rumors.

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