Kyler Murray’s Cardinals are shockingly the final remaining undefeated team in the NFL, but they’ll face one their toughest competitors of the year, the Browns, in Week 6. 

Despite their 3-2 record, Baker Mayfield’s group has been stellar with both losses coming by a combined nine points against two Super Bowl contenders: the Chiefs and Chargers. Plus, the franchise has never lost back-to-back games under Kevin Stefanski. 

Cleveland’s defense is an absolute UNIT coming in No. 4 in total defense (298.8 yards allowed per game) and especially dominant against the rush as second in the league (75.6 yards allowed per game)

Murray better watch out for DE Myles Garrett who leads the NFL in sacks (7), while the franchise leads the league in QB hits (43).

On Sunday, the Browns (-3) are favored, but with the way Murray’s been slinging and running the rock, anything could happen. Murray ranks top 10 in both passing (10) and rushing touchdowns (3) in the league. That’s why it’s worth considering making a teaser bet to boost the odds in Cleveland’s favor.

teaser operates similarly to a parlay in that you’ll select two or more bets that both have to hit in order to win money. But what makes teasing different is that the sportsbook gives the bettor six points (though it could be more) to move the existing line.

Let’s work with an example:

  • For this game, the Browns are favored at -3, and the over/under for the game is set at 49.5. We know this game could be really close given the sportsbook’s tight spread — just one field goal

  • If you believe this game is a toss-up, you’d probably side with the Cardinals since they’re the underdog. A winning bet would cash if Arizona won the game by any amount of points or lost by fewer than three points

  • So let’s tease it and add six points to Cleveland’s line, making the game’s spread Browns +3. Now, for our bet to win, the Browns can win by any amount of points or lose by fewer than three points

  • We’d do the same for the over. In 10 games this season, the Browns and Cardinals have combined with their opponents to score 50 or more points in eight contests. Through this teaser play, we’d move the over/under line from 49.5 to 43.5, making it a whole touchdown easier for the over to cash

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Week 6 Betting Academy: A teaser play for Browns-Cardinals

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