The 2022-23 NFL Playoffs kicked off with a banger Wild Card Weekend. There were plenty of insane moments and shocking performances to go around.

Sorry for the unexpected feet pic, but it felt necessary to share in order to properly appreciate what Hodgins accomplished this week.

Each of those bullet points were reflected on the stat sheet. There were a lot of plays from the Wild Card that weren't recorded, however. Join me, as I pour one out for the "almosts" from the Wild Card Round of the 2022-23 NFL Playoffs.

James Proche's almost game-tying Hail Mary

This one is going to sting for a long, long time. There were a lot of moments that led up to this almost moment, though, so it's not all on you, James. But man, how crazy would it have been if he actually came down with this catch to send the game into overtime?

Dawson Knox's almost second touchdown

This touchdown was unfortunately overturned on replay, but we can still celebrate the play's magnificence. Every moment of this play, start to finish, had my jaw on the floor. Josh Allen's ability to step up in the pocket, entirely unphased by the Dolphins' pass rush, is unreal. The ability of his receivers to stay on the same page as Allen, even when he's going off script, is just as impressive.

Stefon Diggs' almost touchdown

Is there any QB-WR connection like that between Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs? That timing can't be taught. Diggs' sideline awareness is textbook. His body control is textbook. This play was about a millisecond from becoming the highlight touchdown of the Wild Card Round.

Brock Purdy's almost insane touchdown to Brandon Aiyuk

Brock Purdy might take the cake here for the most insane almost touchdown pass of Wild Card Weekend. Even though it didn't count, this play should be inducted into the Brock Purdy Hall of Fame.

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