If the sportsbook hates the Giants they can just say that?

The 6-1 franchise with the best record in New York opens up as the underdog (-3) against the Seahawks in Seattle on Sunday, following their underdog label in a win against the Jaguars in Jacksonville last week. Weird vibes!

Maybe it's the lack of superstardom that's scaring everyone from thinking of the Giants as legitimate contenders despite Daniel Jones' emergence as a runner and Saquon Barkley's elite everythingness.

Maybe a trade for a better wide receiver changes that misconception?

There are a ton of guys being floated around with the trade deadline looming on November 1. Will the Giants be thought of differently if they add Brandin Cooks or Jerry Jeudy or even Chase Claypool? Because clearly, winning isn't enough.

Giants Stat Munchies

  • New York has logged the third-most rushing touchdowns of any team this season (9), thanks Saquon

  • Only the Bears have generated more rush yards than the Giants, and both are averaging the same amount of yards per carry

  • The Giants have thrown the fifth-fewest pass attempts. We know where the team has made its money so far