During one of the many lulls this past Monday Night Football between the awful Steelers and the terrible Colts, Joe Buck went through the AFC playoff picture. You know the drill; there are division leaders, wild card members, and then the vaunted 'In the Hunt' stowaways.

This particular graphic left me stunned, however.

Somehow the Colts had snuck their way into the hunt. How dare they?

From that point forward I was rooting against this joke of a franchise, and boy did the end of the game make me happy.

Jeff Saturday had his team in a traditional two-minute drill, down seven, hoping to tie the game at home to a fanbase of boo-birds. Most importantly he had all three timeouts. What was surprising, however, is that he refused to use them. Like at all. No, seriously.

The Colts lost, Saturday was cyber-bullied, and we all reviewed the meaning of "In The Hunt."

For those of us who accosted our now-correct take that the Jeff Saturday hiring was bananas, therein lies your proof. Do not search too hard on this website to find pro-Saturday articles. There are none. Jeff Saturday is an idiot.

But hey, at least he's honest.