As much as it might pain Jets fans and the fine, patient people at The New York Post to admit, it’s probably for the best that the Jets won’t make the playoffs this year. 

Following a 23-16 loss to the Seahawks, the Jets—now riding a 5-game losing streak—were officially eliminated from post-season contention. This might seem disappointing given their hot start to the season, but what’s very clear is this is a franchise with its best football in front of it. In its current iteration—with no direction at quarterback (with all due respect to Mike White, who performed admirably in spots) and several injuries across the roster—they’d likely get thrashed by a higher-seeded team. 

As it stands now, the Jets head into the off-season with better draft position, Robert Saleh getting to add to his list of doubters, and the promise of making the post-season to dangle as a carrot for an even more talented roster in 2023. Not so bad for a franchise that has been the doormat of the NFL for the better part of a decade.

One way to head into the off-season with even more momentum would be crushing the playoff dreams of the similarly slumping Miami Dolphins. Tua isn't playing (and absolutely shouldn’t), meaning the Dolphins will have to turn to either Teddy Bridgewater or Skyler Thompson. Look for the Jets' defense to probably feast on either option.

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