We tried warning you last week, it's the year of the dawg! With Taylor Heinicke leading the Washington Referees to an upset victory over the formerly undefeated Eagles, the record of double digit underdogs against the spread improved to an astounding 9-4.

That means if a team is expected to lose by 10 points or more this season, then they have almost a 70% chance of keeping the game close. Compared to last season it's an astronomical jump. As big a discrepancy as those warning of a red wave and the actual midterm results.

In 2021 - Double-digit underdogs were 13-23-1 ATS - 35.1%

In 2022 - Double-digit underdogs are 9-4 ATS - 69.2% (nice)

So what does this mean for the Ravens?

Death and destruction at the hands of... checks notes... Baker Mayfield!

The Carolina Panthers are traveling to face a well-rested Ravens flock that could be the best team in the AFC. Their defense has found a groove and the offense continues to get healthier with Gus Edwards and Mark Andrews potentially returning. Baltimore posts a fantastic run defense which means Baker will likely have to be Touchdown Maker for Carolina to stand a chance.

There's seemingly no possible way for Carolina to stay in this game...

But this is the year of the dawg.

Ready to place this bet for real?

Head on over to FanDuel Sportsbook. If you're all-in on the underdog Panthers to win outright or lose by 12 or fewer points (hey, crazier things have happened!), bet the Panthers +12.5. If you think the Ravens can overcome the year of the underdog and manage a 13+ point victory, take the Ravens! New users will receive a "No Sweat Bet" with up to $1,000 back in site credit if your first bet doesn't cash! 👀