Shout out to Triple Play Fantasy co-founder and Twitter user David Mendelson, who originally shared what he aptly dubbed, "the dopest thing you'll see all night." Meet every NFL team as a supervillain, brought to you by the InsightsAI YouTube channel.

Scared of what AI is about to take over? Surely not as scared as you would be if you met one of these creatures in a dark alley! Here, I'll rank the top-five scariest creatures/NFL teams that you would certainly not want to cross paths with.

5. Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears

Imagine you're at work, taking the trash out back to the dumpster in the alley... and you meet a bear. That would be very scary.

Now imagine the Bear is wearing a suit of armor, has six-pack abs and has glowing eyeballs. No. Thank. You.

4. LA Rams

LA Rams

I also wouldn't want to meet a ram wearing a suit of armor with six-pack abs in a back alley, even If his very pretty blue eyes aren't necessarily glowing. This guy has HORNS. Pass.

3. Kansas City Chiefs


I'm not sure why this is giving me Kansas City Chiefs-Avatar mashup vibes, but both are equally frightening in their own right. The Chiefs continue to terrify opponents (and their fans) with their utter dominance under Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid. Similarly, the entire Avatar species continues to terrify me because... they're weird human hybrid things? (No, I've never seen the movie because these things scare me.)

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Is this the scariest NFL-themed renditioned of Pirates of the Caribbean that we'll ever see? I think yes.

1. Washington Commanders

Washington Commanders

This rendition of the Washington Commanders feels a lot like if Medusa met the mermaids from Harry Potter, fell in love, got married, had a baby, and then that baby took up weight lifting and armor collection as hobbies.

My only regret is that this robot didn't pick up the obvious joke that they could have just generated a picture of team owner Dan Snyder. I guess robots can't do everything that humans can — take that, robots!

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