Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is good at many, many things. He is great at football, for one. He's a great blocker and an even better receiver, with smack-talk ability to boot.

He's also great at hosting Saturday Night Live — good enough that he might just be able to make a run at a career in sketch comedy once he hangs up the cleats. After he made his hosting debut on our beloved SNL, many were left wondering, "What can't this man do?"

He finally answered. Emphatically. </3

Kelce, a native out of Cleveland Heights, and his mom Donna — a total queen and sort-of NFL Hall of Famer — were chosen to throw out the pitch at the team's home opener this year.

Alas, there is a skill Travis Kelce has not mastered — a curveball! Or... whatever kind of ball was supposed to be thrown here. I'm not sure. It went into the dirt. Never mind the near casualties — we still loved it.

In case you're wondering what his next adventure is, it's music. He'll be hosting a music festival in Kansas City called Kelce Jam over NFL Draft weekend — because why not? He's promised it to be Draft Weekend's best event — no pressure, Travis!

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