I know, it's so Week 12 of me, but I'm still thinking of Brian Robinson Jr.'s big hat. I need one of my own, and I know you do too. They cost a pretty penny, though! A big hat of your own costs at minimum $75, and we want to help you get there.

Here are three bets you can make to help pad your wallet before emptying it on a purchase of your own BIG HAT.

The bet: Rhamondre Stevenson OVER 37.5 receiving yards

There isn't a single running back as hot in the receiving game as Rhamondre Stevenson right now. He (quietly) ranks fourth in receiving yards, has run as many routes as Josh Jacobs and Joe Mixon this season and has an 18.5% team target share — the second-highest among RBs.

You win if: Patriots RB Rhamondre Stevenson has 38 or more receiving yards. Bet $11 to win $10 profit for a take-home total of $21!

The bet: Dolphins vs. 49ers OVER 46.5 points

Sure, the 49er's defense is dominant, but the Dolphins' offense is scary. Tua Tagovailoa, Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle, and Jeff Wilson Jr. (among others) have formed a super-mega powerhouse. That powerhouse is perfectly capable of going toe-to-toe with Kyle Shanahan's own super-team! This is going to be a game of points scored.

You win if... the Dolphins and 49ers combine for 47 or more points. Bet $11 to win $10 profit for a take-home total of $21!

The bet: Giants +115

New York plays at home against the Commanders this week, a divisional rival who have somehow won three of their last four games. The Giants, however, have lost three of their last four. I'm ready for the dam to break, though! RT Evan Neal is set to return in Week 13 along with LB Azeez Ojulari — huge additions back to the lineup for the G-men, who were swept by this divisional rival just last season. Add in the homefield advantage, and I'm loving the fact that I can get plus-odds betting on the Giants this week.

You win if... The Giants win! It's a literal win-win. Bet $10 to win $11.50 profit for a take-home total of $21.50!

The BIG HAT parlay: Combine all of the above! (+679)

You win if... Stevenson has 38 or more receiving yards, MIA and SF combine for 47 or more points and the Giants win. But remember, if any of them don't happen, your parlay bet doesn't cash. Bet $10 on the big hat parlay to win $68 profit for a take-home total of $78!

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(Photo by Sam Fortier)

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