2022 has, just like Nathaniel Hackett's head coaching career, come to an end and with it comes the promise of new beginnings. With many NFL fanbases on the brink of insanity, Gaming Society has come together for a delicious list of New Year's resolutions for all of the NFL teams that need a little extra love right now.

Houston Texans: Happily watch the Sugar Bowl

Hopefully, Santa brought every Texan fan some Crimson gear this Christmas because their shiny new quarterback is playing in his final college game on the final day of 2022. Enjoy the athleticism, accuracy and intelligence of the best QB prospect to ever come out of Nick Saban's Alabama.

Chicago Bears: Learn how to pass the football

Justin Fields is a great prospect but in the past two years playing for Chicago, he has yet to experience a successful day passing the football. This is usually necessary for a player at the position of quarterback. If Chicago enters this new year as they have in the past, they will be forced to curse the name Chase Claypool rather than see the problem resides with the man in the mirror.

Atlanta Falcons: Watch tape of Kyle Pitts at Florida

Please. For the love of God. He's right there. He's beautiful. He's a unicorn. Use him. Please.

Arizona Cardinals: Choose Kyler over Kliff

A Gen-Z battle if I ever saw one, it's the immature miniature quarterback versus the all-looks, no brains head coach. This marriage clearly isn't working, and it would be best if we all just moved on. Kyler's contract makes it impossible to break up from the Call of Duty high scorer so it looks like the Lion is on the other foot Kliff.

Tennessee Titans: Fire Todd Downing

This seems harsh, but 'new year new me' needs to be a mantra strictly followed or it all breaks apart. The Titans' offense has been truly terrible, leading even the most homerific of Titans Twitter to tap out.

Washington Football: Sell the team

Sell the team, Dan.

Don't worry, though! Gaming Society has a few ideas on potential buyers we think would be a better fit.

Denver Broncos: Change your diet, fast

Nate Hackett is gone, which means the Broncos are already cutting the negativity out of their lives. This is a good thing, now take the next step. We have seen Russ cook, and we will eat no more! Even Patrick Starfish won't eat this mush. Maybe it's time to go vegan or try a Keto diet. Is Weight Watchers still a thing? Make the change!

New England Patriots: Reconnect with long-lost loved ones

What's that? A rekindling of an old flame? A former lover sending out the bat signal during the dark nights of a lonely holiday season? We're hearing stories of turmoil in the Patriots organization, so, what better way to bring the band back together than BRINGING THE BAND BACK TOGETHER?!?

Speaking of the Patriots... is Mac Jones a dirty player? We discuss!

Los Angeles Rams: Make a scrapbook

It wasn't too long ago when y'all were at the top of the pops. That came crashing to an end really fast. Heading into 2023, there's a chance your best player retires, you're quarterbacked by a Progressive commercial actor and your boy-wonder head coach becomes the next Tony Romo. At times like these, it's important to remember the good times. So, while you don't have a first-round pick until Sean McVay is Tom Brady's age, you do have a Lombardi trophy. That's important.

Cleveland Browns: Hire a Board of Ethics

We'll leave it at that.

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