This week, Gaming Society's own Tony Cavallo discussed the success big-time underdogs have had this NFL season. We're all in on rooting for the little guy — the ones nobody believes in. So, here are all of the underdogs we betting to pull off the upset in Week 11.

Note: All of these bets will be on the moneyline, meaning we're wagering on which team will win the game, straight up!

The bet: New York Jets +142

You win if... the Jets win! Bet $10 to win a $14.20 profit for a take-home total of $24.20.

Who's looking to bet against this defense? Not me! Rookie CB Sauce Gardner is allowing a catch rate of just 43.5% in coverage and a passer rating of 44.6. He leads the NFL in pass breakups and ranks second in forced interceptions, only behind Eagles superstar James Bradberry. Sure, I'll take the Jets over the Pats, even on the road, as long as Sauce and D.J. Reed are in the secondary making plays.

The bet: Minnesota Vikings +106

You win if... the Vikings win! Bet $10 to win a $10.60 profit for a take-home total of $20.60.

Minnesota just pulled off the most exciting (albeit sloppy) win ever against the Super Bowl favorites. Someone please explain to me how they're home underdogs against the Dallas Cowboys, who just suffered an embarrassing collapse to the then 3-6 Packers. I'm not buying it — not as long as JJ's in the lineup to make absolutely ridiculous catches.

The bet: Chicago Bears +140

You win if... the Bears win! Bet $10 to win a $14 profit for a take-home total of $24.

Sure. We did just outline the Bears as one of the biggest frauds in the NFL. That doesn't preclude us from rooting for them in Week 11, though. They face the Falcons this week, whose bottom-10 defense is a great match for Mr. Hot Streak himself, Justin "Legs" Fields. This team is scoring points and are hella fun to watch. All. In.

The parlay: Bet all three! +1096

You win if... the Jets, Vikings and Bears all win! Bet $10 to win a $109.64 profit for a take-home total of $119.60. Just remember, if even just one of them loses their game, your bet doesn't cash.

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